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Couple Promise Rings Set: rules, traditions and history of the symbol of love

The engagement rings are a symbol of love and commitment. It's a gift that is highly anticipated and appreciated! Are you sure that you are aware of the history behind it? Find out the history behind the tradition of the engagement ring including rules, history and a little proper manners!

For both the person who receives it and for the person giving it, it may be interesting to learn more about the engagement ring. rules, customs, and histories that will help you understand the meaning hidden behind the most anticipated jewel, the one which will help you swear to your love forever and will be worn next to the wedding ring. Before you begin thinking about the day you'll exchange your vows of marriage, take a few minutes to look up all the fascinating facts that revolve around this very important ring that is typically presented by announcing memorable words of love.

What does the Matching Necklaces mean? A bit of historical background

In the Middle Ages, giving and accepting an engagement ring was a way of establishing a bond: the couple in fact committed to setting a date on which to pronounce the wedding vows. During the Enlightenment the custom of secret wedding rings was introduced. The rings were split into pieces, and then joined to form the wedding ring. The ring known as a poetry ring, featuring romantic phrases or poetic lines, was also popular at the period as a way to promise to be married.

The diamond engagement ring first appeared in the Victorian era. Prior to that, these rings were made of simple metal. Legend is that Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave his beloved Mary of Burgundy a gold ring with a diamond set within it. From that point the type of jewelry became the official symbol of engagement.

What about today?

De Beers, a leader in the diamond industry, began a massive campaign in 1938 to promote the engagement ring. The huge's ads, which featured Hollywood singers, actresses and actors even suggested the amount to spend on an engagement ring. A month's salary was suggested, but later it was increased to two months' pay. In 1948, copywriter Frances Gerety came up with the famous slogan "A diamond is eternal" for De Beers. This helped to spread the tradition of diamond engagement ring around the globe.

Impeccable tips from the etiquette

Etiquette suggests selecting an ring that reflects the individuality and tastes of the person who is receiving it. If the bride is planning a straightforward wedding, she may not be a fan of a costly item. In this instance jewelry from family members could be utilized. They can be modernized and modified to enhance the sentimental value of the object. In accordance with etiquette, the presentation of the ring is the beginning of a series of ceremonies and customs. The person who gives the precious jewel will also be presented with a bouquet that is delivered to the bride's parents who will return the gesture with the same gift. These are customs that have been lost however, the sense of courtesy and common sense remain a popular choice.

When is the best time to present an engagement ring

Etiquette requires that the sought-after wedding ring should be given exactly one year before the wedding date, however times have changed and there isn't a set norm in this area. This doesn't mean you cannot present an engagement ring before the marriage proposal. The tradition has evolved to be more romantic and less rigid, especially in terms of timing. Do it only when you're sure and perhaps even make it your own date and not forgetting that planning the wedding may take several months. You will determine the wedding date together after the diamond is placed on your partner's ring finger.

Where should the ring of engagement go?

The guidelines differ depending on the country of origin. In Brazil for instance couples wear a ring on their right hand, which will be moved to the left the day of the ceremony. The ring must be placed on your finger with the ring, regardless of whether you wear it on your left or right hand. In the past, it was believed that the vein of the ring finger connected directly to the heart. In Italy, the engagement ring can be moved to the ring of the right hand the morning before the wedding ceremony to allow the wedding ring to be worn on the left. In any case it is standard practice to wear, after marriage, both rings on the same finger of the left hand.

You can take a breath and take the next decision after you've been educated about the rules, history, customs and customs of this precious gem. And don't worry about choosing the right jewel, we are sure that the goldsmiths you'll visit will be eager to show you many special engagement rings and offer the best advice to leave your beloved speechless.


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